Why Women Need Specific Breast Forms for Swimming

There are many adjustments following a mastectomy and one of the most challenging is getting the body acclimated again to exercise. Swimming is an excellent choice because it is a low-impact activity that is great for strengthening the body and it provides a cardio workout as well. Swimmers use all of their muscle groups and it is possible for every swimmer to go at the pace that is right for them while they are rebuilding their strength. The biggest concern for many women is what they will wear while they swim.

Post-mastectomy swimwear is designed for the special concerns a woman has following their surgery. There are many styles and designs to choose from, so it is easy to find a suit that will be aesthetically pleasing. The bigger concern is selecting one that is comfortable and makes it easy for the woman to swim with confidence. There are certain features in the swimsuits that make this possible.

  • The neckline and cut of the suit along the arms and the sides help to hide surgical scars.
  • Each suit offers different levels of coverage so each swimmer chooses how much they need or want.
  • The swimsuits fit a little tighter across the chest to hold any breast forms in place.
  • Sewn-in breast pockets hold prosthetic breast forms in place.
  • There are adjustable straps for alignment of the forms and to make the suit adaptable to multiple cup sizes.
  • One and two-piece swimsuits are available.

Women also have to find their preference for breast forms because there are special breast forms for swimming. They have hollow backs that keep them against the skin while they are submerged. They are constructed from materials that are safe for any type of water. Swimming forms are made from lighter materials than daily wear forms, so they will not become too heavy when they are wet. They dry quickly and come in unique shapes that are undetectable under swimwear. Many women leave their forms in their swimsuits all the time rather than having to readjust them every time they dress. It is safe to launder the suit with the forms inserted and the forms line dry as fast as the swimwear.