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Why You Should Go For Granite Countertops

The great looks and shiny characteristics of granite have made to have a special place in our lives. The ability to last long makes granite accessible for making countertops. Many of pyramids in Egypt are made of granite. The durability and visual appeal of granite make it be a good material for making countertops. You’ll never lose when you buy granite countertops; you’d save money and time. In this article we’ll try to elucidate the reasons as to why granite countertops are the best and why many homeowners go for them.

First off, granite is a material that is naturally found on the earth surface, but unique to some places. The name granite is derived from the grainy appearance of the granite countertops. The ability to last long has been attributed to the interlocking crystal structure of the granite. It is not easy to harm granite countertops; it could only happen if you are determined.

you would not be required to dedicate lots of time and resources towards maintaining granite countertops. The kitchen knife cannot dent the granite countertop unless you have intended to do so. The moment you tear or wear the countertop with your knife, you’d already have destroyed your knife. You’d not waste a lot of your time, and you’d be assured of durability when you go for granite countertops.

It is possible to get granite countertops that fit well with your kitchen and bathroom designs. The popularity of granite countertops has made many countertop manufacturers very innovative. You could find or customize whatever kind of granite countertop. You will not have to replace granite countertops since they are long-lasting. Granite countertops are also affordable to boot. Select the best granite countertop you like today.

Almost any color you want for your countertops could be found with granite countertops. Seek for the best firm that does the countertops installation to help you select the best shade.

Quartz, mica, feldspar, hornblende, and biotite are the five crystals that make up granite. Among all the crystals of the granite quartz is the most favorable. Quartz offers the granite countertops with resilience and ability to withstand heat, tear and wear. The reflections of the colors of the crystals around quartz give it color.

The shining nature of the granite is provided by the mica crystals. Those silver, black, violet and pink shades you see in granite countertops are provided by the mica crystals. Yellow, orange, pink and blue are some of the colors that granite derives from the feldspar crystals. The salt and pepper look of the granite is attributed to the hornblende and biotite crystals.

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