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Paints and Their Different Purposes

Paints are of the various types and are used to do various painting purposes. Paints for a protective coat on the surfaces where they have been applied after drying. Paints protect the surfaces they are applied onto and also make them look beautiful and attracting. There are many purposes on which paints can be implemented. Paints can be used in a number of ways to the surfaces. The paints available on the market are a product of three ingredients that have been mixed together. Color on the very many colors in the market is a result of the added pigment. The Liquid part of color is made up of the binder and the manufacturing liquid.

Intensity of the color is brought about by the pigment in the paint. It have helped the protection of other ingredients by absorbing the ultraviolet light. The the easiest kind of paste that is used on the surfaces are the whitewash. White wash paint have no bidder and hence doesn’t form a protective layer on the surface. A Binder is used as a film former, or a resin in the paint. Its work is to holds the pigment together and helps the paint in sticking to the surface. The solid particles of the binder are broken in the process of paint manufacturing and remains suspended in the liquid.

One should be able to tell between a good paint and other paints. The sticking and spreading knowledge of paint should be high for it to be considered as a good color. The work done by real colors should be admirable from very far. Durable paints are the ones that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Paints are formulated for different uses. We have various types of paints that one can use for different purposes during painting.

Primers and sealers are the most used paints for the exposed wood and timber. These colors can also be used in the plasters of walls. These are paints that stick well to the surface and provide a good protective coating to the surface they have been applied on. On places where there were old painting it should be used to paint again. Where primers and sealers are used the surfaces not easily affected by chemicals.

Some paints are applied on the surface prior to some other paints. Normally the undercoat is used immediately after a primer when building up a painting system. They are also used where one desire in changing the color of the surface permanently. Dark surfaces can be changed from one color to another by the used of an undercoat. There are paints that are applied as the top layer. These are the paints that make the surfaces beautiful. The choice of the topcoat affects the overall appearance of the paint system its durability and the ability to withstand knocks.

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