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Reclaiming Unused Space.

For many people the space beneath the steps is a place to throw away sports gear, junk, season clothing , or even worse – it is only space not being used for anything.

With a little creativity and a bit of work you can turn that space into a surprise.

Need more closet space? The space under the stairs in your house can become your kid’s room. May be it is currently a place for other crap and toys. The very first step is to eliminate all of the crap, place shelves on the sides along one wall which she can place her shoes at the top and inside over and of that hung a wire shelf that is vented. It is possible to hang clothes and her dresses on hangers from the front of the shelf and then put her jeans and blankets on the shelves. Then put small hooks down the wall on which to hang bags and belts. Alternatively, hang a cord so she can reach them. This should double the cupboard space inside her room.

This space could turn into a coat, umbrella, shoe closet in the event the area is centrally located in the house. The secret is to keep the space organized with baskets, shelves and hanging rods.

Kid’s Playroom: Kids love to get back in little spaces they believe no one else can access and will play there for hours. Additionally, you can line the interior of the space that the small ones can draw on with dry-erase markers.

Electronics and computer charging station: It can also be set to keep the games and such, and to have a charging station for all your electronic gadgets and telephones such as IPods. Just build from the shelves you want for every cord to come up through and decent wiring with tagged bins for each item along with the pigeonholes and receptacles. You might need to hire an electrician for this -you should check the local building codes. This is an excellent place to maintain a white board and your family calendar to keep everyone busy. This especially works if the space that is under the stairs is centrally located in the house near the kitchen or foyer room or dining area. The distance will have to be well lit.

Home Office Space: This can work if you only need a small area such as the width of the stairway – install a counter-top the width of the stairway where the office chair can slide under whenever it is not being used by you. Ensure you have sufficient lighting. You may set up a cork as a bulletin board to the back of the measures to be used. You are able to make the most of the distance by hanging baskets that are staggered on the walls on each side.

Hopefully, these ideas will allow You to maximize your home’s Space by using this often-overlooked area below the stairway – each square foot counts.