How Modern Feed Companies Save Livestock and Help Keep Prices Down for Consumers

The American beef industry produces tens of billions of pounds of steaks, roasts, hamburger, and other forms of meat every year. With nearly 100 million cattle living and growing at any time, the beef industry alone is a vast component of the national economy.

With equally impressive figures coming out of the pork and poultry industries, helping livestock grow to full, marketable size is a constant preoccupation for many. While ranchers and poultry experts do plenty of difficult, important work of their own, the feed companies that supply the nutritious foodstuffs all animals need do so, as well.

Formulating Feed to Help Any Kind of Livestock Stay Healthy and Grow

In fact, some of the most impressive advances of recent decades have come packaged up in new types and varieties of feed. Whereas livestock feed was once treated as something of a commodity product, that casual, hands-off take on the matter is no longer viable at all.

Instead, various ranches and farms all across the country do everything possible to make sure that they have access to the most suitable possible type of feed. Whether that means acquiring a type of feed that can help a particular breed of cattle thrive or one that will allow pigs to put on weight more quickly and safely, making the right choices can be of critical importance.

Feeding Not Just Animals But the Millions Who Depend on Them for Nutrition

A suitably formulated feed or supplement can even cut average mortality rates for certain kinds of livestock. In one prominent case, for instance, a feed manufacturer reported that losses were cut from nearly double-digit percentages to a small fraction of that simply through a change in diet.

With each and every animal being so important to the success of many operations, results like these can be some of the most important and rewarding of all. In addition to helping to improve the bottom line for the many who work so hard at raising livestock, such positive developments also help keep prices down for consumers.

As a result, more people than ever before can enjoy and expect steady, affordable access to high quality meats and the like. With feed manufacturers playing such a crucial role in the system, their contributions should never be overlooked.